Sprinkler Systems

Fire Protection for
Building Structures

Different locations and fire risks call for specific types of sprinkler systems. The most common are the fixed line sprinkler systems that protect building structures and occupants from fires.





ESM regulations mandate regular maintenance and checks of sprinkler systems. With Total Fire Compliance, we’ve got you covered. We provide inspection, testing, and maintenance services at different frequencies, including monthly, six-monthly, yearly, three-yearly, twelve-yearly, and twenty-four-yearly.

We take out the hassles

At Total Fire Compliance, we take care of notifying building owners, body corporations, managers, or owners corporations and coordinating with the nearest fire station (if necessary) when testing a sprinkler service connected to the system. We aim to make it hassle-free for our clients while ensuring regular testing of their sprinkler systems.





We also conduct maintenance and testing of these systems in conjunction with the fire alarm system testing to ensure that the systems are correctly interfaced. Our team provides physical log sheets to record the completion of maintenance and digital copies for easy access and peace of mind. This documentation is also essential for insurance and auditing purposes.





Our services cover all regulatory requirements, and we make sure that your sprinkler systems are in compliance with ESM regulations. Contact us today to schedule a sprinkler system inspection or testing.

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