Fire Doors & Smoke Doors

Fire Spread Prevention and Evacuation Protection

Smoke is a hazardous substance and a leading cause of fatalities and severe injuries in building fires. Fire and smoke doors play a crucial role in protecting people during fire evacuations and preventing the spread of fire.





For larger openings, fire-resistant shutters and curtains can be utilized. It is important to note that untested doors cannot provide effective protection and do not comply with legal requirements.






To comply with ESM regulations, it is necessary to maintain and inspect Fire and Smoke Doors on a regular basis. Total Fire Compliance provides maintenance services, including inspections, testing, and servicing, at the following frequencies:




  • Three-monthly
  • Six-monthly
  • Yearly
red smoke door

Total Fire Compliance provides thorough inspections of fire doors and their associated hardware to ensure they are in good working condition and not being propped open by unauthorised methods like wedges or cabin hooks etc. We also verify that automatic fail-safe systems are functioning properly. These inspections can be done alongside fire alarm system testing.





It’s crucial to understand that fire doors made before 1990 may contain asbestos fibers. In Victoria, a friable asbestos removal license is mandatory for working on or removing fire doors containing asbestos, so appropriate precautions must be taken.

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