Exit Doors & Safe Evacuation Paths

Automatic Emergency exit

Exit doors provide a safe and swift way to evacuate a building during an emergency. Depending on its location, it may not need to be fire-rated. Fail-safe devices can be installed to automatically unlock the door in case of activation of the sprinkler, smoke, or heat detector system in the building.





Security measures should not compromise safety in this case. A single D2.21/AS1905.1 compliant lock is sufficient, and any replacement locks or hardware must comply with the current BCA regulations.





To comply with the updated Australian Standard AS1851, fire, smoke, and exit doors and paths must undergo quarterly inspections. However, a thorough six-monthly maintenance service can also ensure their proper functioning. 

fire door and path

Maintaining your exit doors and paths of travel is essential for ensuring safety in the event of an emergency. Total Fire Compliance offers comprehensive maintenance checks to ensure that your doors are intact, operational, and fitted with hardware that meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, Section D. We also check fire isolation requirements to ensure that doors are functioning as designed and that there are no obstructions on the required travel paths. Additionally, we check for any unauthorised changes made to these paths or doors.





We provide all necessary regulatory requirements and supply or update physical log books to record the completion of maintenance. We also keep digital copies for easy access and peace of mind for insurance and auditing purposes. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance checks and ensure the safety of your property.

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