Fire Hydrant Systems

facilitates fire-fighting operations

Fire hydrant systems provide a crucial water supply to facilitate firefighting operations through pressurized pipes distributed throughout buildings. These systems can also be integrated with other safety measures like automatic fire sprinkler systems or fire hose reels.





To comply with the Building Codes of Australia, maintenance and testing of fire hydrant systems must be carried out at specified frequencies based on ESM regulation requirements. Total Fire Compliance ensures that all necessary precautions are taken during emergency or planned tests, such as notifying monitoring services like the fire brigade and building owners before any actions are taken.





Our team conducts a thorough check of the entire premises before turning off the isolation valve to minimize any risk of fire. Additionally, we ensure that all other fire suppression equipment is operational before disconnecting any water sources. Total Fire Compliance provides detailed physical log sheets and digital copies to record maintenance completion for peace of mind and easy access for insurance and auditing purposes.

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Designed for Performance Level Operations

At Total Fire Compliance, we prioritize the proper operation of your fire hydrant systems to ensure they perform at their designed level. Our team of experienced technicians conduct all maintenance work while following recognized safety procedures, ensuring that your fire hydrant system is always ready for use. Contact us today to schedule a fire hydrant inspection and maintenance service.

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